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Senin, 26 September 2011


At Jembo, customer satisfaction and quality go hand-in-hand. Our operations and quality plan are designed around the elements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard which is centered on process evaluation and improvement.

Supported by the latest state-of-the-art equipment, experts in the production engineering division and quality control constantly carry out accurate examinations and control. Supervision and quality control are implemented at every stage, starting from customer orders, purchase and inspection of raw materials, production process, end product inspection, delivery to customers, and after sales services. The quality management of which, are all in adherence to the ISO 9001 standards.

Quality is held with the utmost importance by Jembo, thus it is tightly integrated in the company's daily processes. Significant investments have been made to continuously improve product quality, including our establishment of technical assistance cooperation with Fujikura Ltd., one of the world's leading cable manufacturers in Japan, in order to enhance product quality, and more recently our end-to-end implementation of Baan ERP software so that every aspect of the manufacturing product cycle is tightly controlled so as to produce higher quality products for our customers.
Jembo Quality Policy:
  • PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk. strives to be the leading manufacturer in the cable and wire industry in Indonesia .
  • We are committed to delivering products that meet customers' requirements.
  • Everyone is involved, motivated and knowledgeable to make continual progress towards achieving excellence.
To better guarantee production quality, quality control is not only carried out by experts at Jembo. We have also conducted a quality control agreement with PT PLN (Persero)/LMK for low to medium voltage cables. In addition, the company has received a certificate of approval from PSB Singapore for low voltage cables. The company has also received a certificate of approval for telecommunication cables (metallic telephone cables and fiber optic cables) from DivRisTi PT TELKOM INDONESIA .

The following are several quality standards adhered to by the Company:
  • SNI (Indonesian Industrial Standard)
  • SPLN (Indonesian Power Company Standard)
  • STEL-K (Indonesian Telcom Specification)
  • IEC (International Electrochemical Commission)
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)
  • DIN (Deutsche Industrial Norm)
  • VDE (Verband Deutsche Electrotechniker)
  • NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
  • BS (British Standard)
  • Others customers specification 



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